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Hydrostatics and Electronics will merge with GPS and Vision Sensors to serve the airways, Ag, and construction machinery industry. Scotto
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This Vision and Factory Automation research is done at the College of Business Management & Information Technology at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny, Iowa under the direction of Instructor Brian Burkhardt
Vision System Poka Yoke to verify Hydrostatic part (SCR's) Click Here for more info.

Small Smart camera...........1/4" Vision (CCD scan) Sensor..............Single board camera

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Calculation of the Field of View Width depends on working distance and horizontal image angle
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Find a Vision Sensor allowing ....... Original Objective: To verify the presence of correct SCR valve and verify the placement of Conical Spring/plug inside Hydrostatic Transmission that allows automated inspection. Sensor: full 360 SCR rotation, thereby eliminating the need for complex mechanical fixturing

Application 2 Click Here (.htm)
As part of our commitment to 100 % quality inspection and zero defect manufacturing we are introducing vision sensors for factory automation. Now you can use vision on manufacturing lines where it was previously impractical and cost prohibitive. Vision sensors make it more feasible to setup. Vision Sensors are more robust and automated inspection systems can inspect critical features and error proof our assembly process. We propose a self contained all-in-one computerized inspection system to improve our manufacturing process and quality. AMAIS Gantry will utilize robotics, vision sensors, laser, ultrasonic, and various inspection sensors for 100 % final inspection. The primary concentration will be inspecting incorrect, loose, missing, and damaged and orientation of parts. The system will provide reliable, repeatable pass/fail results with timing to keep in pace with existing factory robots. Ethernet connection will provide communication to the factory network to directly control the robot and manage the various unit or station programs. Vision sensors will guide the robot to inspect components and communicate failures via network.

Vision Paper - Report-out
There is a basic reason most vision systems don't appear effective first before migrating slowly through the rest of the factory line: Cost. Not only do new technologies cost a lot to develop, the technologies necessary to make them work as advertised don't begin to drop in price until volumes rise and less expensive alternatives are introduced. This is true of vision technologies, and is one major reason vision systems have been slow to make it from the lab to the line--or from the top of the line to the bottom. Especially since the systems...are still all too mystifying..........................................Vision Sensors will be introduced at under $1K price point. They have migrated from Dedicated Vision Systems to PC based vision systems to Smart Vision Systems with Artificial Intelligence. Now they are being called Vision applinces or Vision Sensors...........................

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