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Continuous Education

  • "The Visual Workplace", Productivity through simplicity on the shopfloor. Visual Controls, Visual Standards, Visual Order. AME May 15, 97.

  • "Purchasing 2000," New rules and new tools for suppliers to sell, idding process flaws, restrictions placed on purchasing functions by standard cost and price variance measurements. AME 4-22-97.

  • "Performance Measurements - The Balanced Scorecard," Principals and application of performance measurements and controls at Horton Industries, University of St. Thomas and AME sponsored. 1-29-97.

  • "Effective Line Design and Pull Systems", Synchronized Manufacturing Systems, Starkey Laboratories, Eden Prairie, MN, AME workshop, May 1996.

  • "Leadership is a Process," "What kind of leader causes innovative change?" North Eastern MN Quality Assoc., Gene Taurman, Hibbing, MN May,1996.

  • "Benchmarking Manufacturing Best Practices" Minnesoata Benchmarking Inc. (BQI) Paul Edward's, Bloomington, MN AME Seminar, May 1996.

  • "Benchmarking", Benchmarking Manufacturing Best Practices. Discovering the working details of superior performance from other companies. AME 4/23/96.

  • "SPC", Basic Statistical Process Control seminar. The Management Center, University of St. Thomas. 3/19&20/96.

  • "JITII" Just-In-Time II, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing 2000 strategies, Lance Dixon Boise Corporation, Milwaukee, WI., Feb.1996.

  • "Kaizen Blitz" , Shopfloor Kaizen Breakthrough Workshop, AME/MEAC - Manufacturing Excellence Action Coilition. Trained and empowered to implement Kaizen continuously.

  • "Using the Internet" Creating a Corporate presence, Business, Marketing and Sales resources, Jill H. Ellsworth, UST, Mgnt. Center, Minneapolis, Nov. 1995.

  • "Marketing on the Internet" Multimedia strategies for the World Wide Web Jill H. Ellsworth, University of St. Thomas Management Center, Mpls. 1995

  • "Competition Killers: Management's Technology for 2000," Productivity Centers International, January 1994, Chicago, IL.

  • "Organizing Teams for Engineering and Continuous Improvement," AME seminar, Rosemont, IL, November 1993.

  • "Reengineering Processes for Shorter Cycle Times Better Quality & More Value," AME educational seminar, Rosemount, IL, July 1993.

  • "ABCs of ABC" (Activity Based Costing), AME sem., Rosemount, IL,Oct.1993.

  • Benchmarking Workshop with Robert Camp, Xerox Corp. Minnesota Council for Quality, February 1993, Bloomington, MN.

  • "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," Stephen Covey, Minnesota Council for Quality, conference and banquet, Minneapolis, MN, September 1993.

  • "Project Manager Professional Course," Project Management Institute, Minnesota Chapter, Minneapolis, MN, Winter 1993.

  • "Learn How To Put Your Company in the Forefront by Making Problems, Waste, & Abnormalities Recognizable at a Single Glance," AME seminar, Visual Workplace, Rosemount, IL, January 1993.

  • "Business Survival Strategies for the 21st Century" a day with Tom Peters, sponsored by the Masters Forum, Minneapolis, April 1993.

  • "How to Make Innovation a Way of Life," executive excellence seminar, Robert H. Waterman, author of "Adhocracy: The Power to Change," "The Renewal Factor," and co-author of "In Search of Excellence," Minneapolis, September 1991.

  • "A Decade of Change...Transition to a Focused Factory," John Deere Horicon Works and AME workshop and plant tour, Horicon, WI, May 1992.

  • "Cycle Time Reduction: A Mutual Benefit for Supplier & Customer," AME Midwest Regional Conference, Chicago, IL, June 1994.

  • "Quality Through Teamwork," GM Delco Chassis and AME workshop and plant tour, Dayton, OH, March 1992.

  • "People, the Human Optimum," Honda, Marysville, Ohio and AME workshop and plant tour, February 1992. CONTINUOUS EDUCATION continued:

  • "Transformational Leadership for the 1990s," managerial effectiveness seminar, Noel Tichy, professor at University of Michigan, School of Business Administration and Director of the Michigan Global Leadership Executive Program, author of "The Transformational Leader," Univ. of Mich, 6/91.

  • "Principal Negotiation - Personal Development," William L. Ury, associate director of Harvard's program on negotiation and co-author of "Getting to Yes: Negotiation Agreement Without Giving In," University of Minnesota, April 1991.

  • "A Look at Quality": Crosby, Deming and Juran on January 1992 at the Management Center, University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Zytec Showcase '92, Minnesota Quality Award and Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award, seminar and plant tour, Hutchinson, MN, April 1992.

  • "The Role of Conflict in Continuous Learning," organizational productivity seminar, Richard Tanner Pascale, Stanford Graduate School of Business, author of "Managing on the Edge: How the Smartest Companies Use Conflict to Stay Ahead, and co
  • author of "The Art of Japanese Management," Sept. 1991.

  • Mini Masters in Manufacturing Systems & Engineering, Fall, 1992 series of night classes at University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, Minnesota:
    • Measurement & Accounting Systems
    • Computer Integrated Design Manufacturing
    • Improving Productivity in Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing for Quality and Reliability
    • Materials Engineering
    • Manufacturing Strategy and World Class Comp.
    • Manufacturing Systems Design
    • Automation Systems
    • Excellence in Manufacturing
    • Leadership in Manufacturing

Scott T. Olson